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3 MAIN | California | November 8, 2023

12 Easy Tips to Make Your New Home Photos Amazing
  I really don't want to say this - I really don't want to - but I will. A picture paints a thousand words. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? Well, the reason you've heard this cliché a million times before is because it's so true! When it comes to marketing your work online, nothing is more important than showing what you have to offer. Taking great photos of your new homes should be the first step toward marketing your business. And if you execute this practice effectively, buyers will discover the images of your work and choose you to build their home!
Will Clearing Clutter Sell Your House Quicker?
We have all been inside a house full of clutter.  We look around, sometimes in awe, many times in disbelief, at all the things someone has accumulated. We wonder to ourselves why so much stuff?—and the stuff is what our eyes focus on, rather than the house.   Do you have too much stuff in your home?  Most people do!  If you have a house to sell, clearing the clutter is a must. De-cluttering will not only help you sell your home more quickly—it will give you peace of mind.
Why Your Home Builder Website is NOT Enough.
An online presence needs more than just a website Many custom home builders are realizing they need a better presence on the web. After the downturn of the real estate market in recent years, builders across the country are rethinking how they market themselves, and getting a better handle on an online presence. Many are having their websites built from scratch; others are opting into free template websites where they can create their own site. Yes, having your own homebuilder website is important, and the site does need to reflect your business’s message and value. However, your website alone isn’t enough. I’ll explain why in just a moment, but first let’s frame an analogy to help you better understand why you need more than a just website to develop a strong web presence. The analogy isn’t perfect, but I think you’ll get my drift:  
Learn How Smart Home Builders Find Their Next Customer
  Guess what? I am going to build a house someday! I have never built a home before, and I am not sure where to begin. The thought of this intimidates me, but I will not let fear stop me. I need to learn all I can about how to build a house. The very first place I will look will be on the Internet. I can log on just about anywhere and find just about anything, including the steps involved in building a new home.  There are even a few home builders in Champaign, ll., that market their businesses on the Web.  If I fall in love with a home and a local builder that I have seen online, I will choose that company when I am ready to build.  Home builders that advertise on the Internet are very smart because they know where their next customer is searching. Are you one of them?