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3 MAIN | California | November 8, 2023

Nine Fixture and Upgrade Tips For New Construction Homes
Building a new home is a perfect opportunity to customize your space according to your own needs and wants — and it can also feel completely overwhelming. Many homes built from the ground up will require the new owner to make more than one thousand decisions about everything from paint color to what fixtures you want in your kitchens and bathrooms.
Real Estate Roller Coaster
Buying and selling can be a very stressful time for many because it involves change. Most of us are not fans of change and more so are creatures of habit. When one changes their surroundings or is in the process of change, it is easy to become overwhelmed and frustrated. With all of the mixed emotions, this may seem like an emotional rollercoaster. These feelings can lead to losing focus on what is important.
Fourteen Important Questions You Should Ask Before Building a Home
As a buyer begins the process of checking in to building a new home, it is easy to get caught up in the moment of emotions. This is where your realtor can be a great asset. Your realtor can help take the emotion out of the equation and focus on getting answers to these questions and others. I have listed some questions that have been asked before or during the process from buyers. It is important to collect as much information upfront as you can, as knowledge is power.
Buyer Beware
In today’s world of technology and just ever-changing techniques, buyers need to be aware of what is happening as they start the home-buying process. Here are just a few points to make note of and may want to discuss with your agent.
Selling Your Home Twice-Disputing Low Home Appraisals
Your home is newly listed. You have worked hard to make it show-ready in a hot buyers’ market. Buyers and their agents are scheduling showings at a rapid pace and, as expected, multiple offers come in. With the help of your listing agent, you compare offers and select the most qualified buyer(s) with the highest price. Ready to go to the closing table, right? Not so fast! Well-represented buyers are going to do their own due diligence and request a property appraisal. Bottom line, your home needs to meet or beat the agreed-upon selling price of the property.
Custom Versus Production Builder
What is the difference in an inventory home, spec home, and presale? All of these are common questions potential buyers may ask as they educate themselves in the home buying process. My goal with this blog is to help readers understand the difference so they know what they are looking at to make the decision that best fits their needs. 
Some Things To Consider About New Construction
As a buyer, what do you need to know about new construction? While there are many reasons for buying new construction, the popular responses are no one has ever lived in the home so buyers are not dealing with previous owners’ choices and issues; and, buyers have the opportunity to personalize aspects of the home from the beginning instead of going back and retrofitting, updating, or rehabbing. However great the benefits of new construction are, there are a lot of considerations! Where do you begin?
To Build or Not to Build
There are many questions that come up in regards to making a move. Many times the question is the price, location, size of the property, needs versus wants, and the list goes on. One question I often hear clients debate in their mind, and in some form of question ask me, is it better to build or buy resale? There is no easy answer to this question as everyone’s circumstances are different. However, I hope to give you some things to think about as you move forward in this process.
Pardon Me, But Your Values Are Showing
Cindi and I had an interesting conversation this morning about core values… When we take the time as companies to actually define them, post them on the wall of the office, or have them engraved in granite within the lobby, at the end of the day, the question is...   Are we living them out day-to-day in the way that we operate:
Should I Hire An Interior Designer?
There’s a common misconception that people think interior designers are too expensive and that they can’t afford one.  But, in reality, a good designer can help a client not only save money but reduce headaches. 
Why You Need Curb Appeal That Will Flourish With Time
According to Remodeling, you will get the biggest bang for your buck if you invest in curb appeal. Spending your cash on a new garage door, a wood deck, siding, manufactured stone veneer and vinyl windows will improve your ROI, and will add beauty to the exterior of your home. That makes perfect sense. People form an opinion within 5 seconds of looking at something. You want your home to look good on the outside. Inviting, charming and beautiful.
Will a Fireplace Increase Your Home's Value?
I just read a report from USA Today which said, "people will pay more for a home if it has a fireplace." I can certainly see why! A fireplace is not only lovely to look at, it provides warmth, beauty, and romance! Imagine the sounds of crackling logs, the flames flickering back and forth as you relax and sip your favorite chardonnay at the end of a long day.
Finding the Diamond in Your Home
It all started with a new Homegear Jewelry Box I purchased on Amazon. It’s brand new, sleek and sophisticated. It hangs over the door providing space-saving organization. Yes 2018, I am going to change!
Why Are New Construction Neighborhoods So Darn Hard to Find?
Why are there so many lots and neighborhoods listed on the bigger websites without a location? Is this so the buyer is forced to call the person that listed that property? What if the customer is not ready to talk to anyone? That property might be the perfect community for this buyer, but it will get overlooked.
New Consumer Research That Will Make You or Break You
Did you know that decisions to purchase a product are made in 7 seconds? Back in 2005, the Wall Street Journal ran a front-page article written by Proctor & Gamble.  This article stated that “the moment of truth” with a buyer, is the first 3 to7 seconds when she notices the item. A consumer sees a product, and within 7 seconds will make the emotional decision whether or not to buy.