Finding the Diamond in Your Home


It all started with a new Homegear Jewelry Box I purchased on Amazon. It’s brand new, sleek and sophisticated. It hangs over the door providing space-saving organization.

Yes 2018, I am going to change!

My old box takes up too much space.  The doors no longer close, the drawers are broken. The gems inside are all mixed up. Honestly, it’s quite the eyesore!

I’m looking for a diamond in this old box but I can’t seem to find it. Bracelets are mixed in with earrings and my chains are tangled up.  Is this confusion a reflection of my mind?

This year I will be nice to me. And this year, you need to be nice to you.

As I begin pulling out different pieces from my old box, memories begin flooding back to me.

This beautiful necklace was a present from my daughter.  The word Mom is repeated in a circle. I remember my tears when I opened this precious gift. Perhaps the voices in my head that question my motherhood, or the unkind soul who repeats it often.

A circle goes on forever and so does a mother’s love.

It was never broken. You can never take it away. Don’t ever doubt your motherhood. You are wonderful!

As I go through each piece reminiscing about the past and admiring how pretty these earrings are I must tell myself “I’m pretty too”. The necklaces are beautiful and so are you, my friend. I will not beat myself up this year. What I tell my heart, I will tell others. I have to be kind to me, so I can be kind to you.

I keep searching through my old box and I can’t find the diamond anywhere. I pick up a bracelet and I slide it over my hand.

Oh, my hands are showing signs of age.

I held my babies with these hands. I take care of people with these hands. I have scrubbed floors, walls and toilets with these hands. My nails have taken a beating pulling down wallpaper, stripping paint from wood, and digging in the dirt. My fingers have been stuck with needles hemming jeans, burnt on pans cooking meals, dinged with hammers hanging photos.

I have bowed my head in prayer with these hands, asking God to keep my family safe.

I’m keeping the bracelet on because these are the hands of someone who cares. Your hands are precious too. They have worked, they have held little fingers and they have loved.

My diamond is nowhere to be seen as I pull out my last piece of jewelry. It’s a necklace that I bought from a local shop. The design is lovely and so was the store. It had been in my town for years but I never made the time to visit. Sadly, it closed months after I discovered it.

Love what’s in front of you.

Go where you’ve always wanted to visit. Make the time now because you never know what the future holds.

I did it. I’m off to a good start. I organized my gems on the first day of the year.  I also renewed my mind. Give this a try. You will be surprised how good it feels!

As I close the door of this beautiful jewelry box, there in the mirror is the diamond I’ve been looking for.

It’s me.

We are the diamonds in our homes, and this year we will sparkle and this year we will shine!

My thoughts for the day…

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