Why Are New Construction Neighborhoods So Darn Hard to Find?



I was talking to a young lady named Jackie the other day who wants to build a home.  She, like 94% of home buyers, is beginning her search online. She wants to know all of her options but she doesn't know where to start. She has searched the Web and has found a few home sites, but often, they don’t have the location of the property.

Jackie really just wants to browse on her own at this time and is not ready to call a Realtor to get an address. Unfortunately, many of the neighborhoods that are listed will never be seen by Jackie. She’ll pass on those, and look at the areas that she can find. Or, she'll just give up entirely!

Why are there so many lots and neighborhoods listed on the bigger websites without a location?

Is this so the buyer is forced to call the person that listed that property? What if the customer is not ready to talk to anyone? That property might be the perfect community for this buyer, but it will get overlooked.

A land developer puts a lot of time, planning, and money into a neighborhood. I imagine they would like to sell their home sites. I would be pissed if I knew my piece of property was being listed without an address! Especially if I were paying someone a commission to sell it!

It’s always been this way, and I’d like to know why!

I have been to hundreds of new construction neighborhoods in different cities across this state. I have searched online, and it’s not easy to find subdivisions where you can build a home.  Sometimes, I have to go to several online sites, and piece together information just to find an address, many of which have been incorrect!

I have ended up on dead-end streets, in cornfields, in questionable wooded areas where the Dueling Banjos would have been the perfect background music. One time, a location for a new construction neighborhood led to a cemetery! That was a plot, not of a lot. Sheesh!

I would like to believe all the locations that were listed incorrectly were honest mistakes, a typo perhaps? But it has happened quite frequently, and one begins to wonder.

Galena is one of my favorite cities in Illinois. Ron and I took a weekend trip up there a couple of years ago. We stopped into a Realtor's office to ask about new subdivisions. We were told there wasn’t construction going on around that area.

A few months later we went back to Galena to celebrate my birthday. We stayed at a lovely bed & breakfast that just happened to be owned by a gentleman who worked for the zoning committee. We explained to him that Hoodle was a website designed to make it easier for someone wanting to build a home, and we were looking for new neighborhoods to put on our site. He told us there were quite a few new neighborhoods around Galena.

This is the problem, if Realtors don’t know where all the locations are where you can build a home, then buyers might choose a used home.

My birthday vacation turned into a working weekend as we gathered up all the new construction subdivisions we could find to load onto Hoodle.

On our way home, we were driving through another city and decided to look for neighborhoods. This is what we do! We didn’t know our way around this area, so we decided to ask for help.

We stopped by a home builder’s office and he couldn’t tell us where the new neighborhoods were. We stopped by a Realtor's office and the nice lady at the desk did not know. Then we stopped by the local hardware store and they had no idea. However, the manager did tell us to drive around the outskirts of town, and we might run into one.

That is exactly what we did. We drove and drove and drove. And finally after hours, lo and behold, on a busy street in a city outside of Chicago, we came to a red light and there on the corner were builder & developer signs. Signs, signs everywhere there’s signs! They pointed left, right, up, and I couldn’t read the signs that were laying on the ground. Who does this? Not to mention, it could cause a serious accident.

If you want to buy a pair of shoes for thirty dollars, you can go online to Zappos and have more choices than you need.

However, if you want to build a home, the biggest purchase in your life, all of your options are hard to find, if not impossible. It’s 2017, and this needs to change.

To land developers and builders-if your property is being listed on the major websites without an address, maybe a sign stuck in the dirt, or perhaps a waterlogged flyer in a box, you might be missing out on customers.

To home buyers- if you are told you can only build in a couple of neighborhoods or no neighborhood at all, I’d call bull shit!

Hoddle’s mission is to make it easier for the person who wants to build a home.

Oh, and as a side note, we don’t get a commission. We are giving the leads away!

That’s my rant for the day. You all have an amazing week and I hope you find your place.

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