What is Your Company's Greater Good?


Defining your larger purpose in the world.

Legacy, mission, passion, vision, higher calling, life purpose.  Whatever you call it, we’ve all got one.  It's often fuzzy & unclear. Some never seem to find it. Others have not begun looking for it yet, or even considered the question.  But whoever you are, whatever stage of life you are in…hopefully we agree on this one thing…

             We each have a reason for being. YOU were placed here/ came here with a purpose.

Truth is, that rule applies not only to individuals, but also to the companies they run or work for.  That’s right. I said it. Your company; no matter what your stated business is, has a “higher calling”.  Something much bigger in fact, than producing happy customers & generating a positive cash-flow.  Don't get me wrong...those are both worthwhile and admirable targets to achieve-and at many stages of your entrepreneurial existence, it feels like that is ALL we have the strength to think about. Trust me, I live there myself.

But I challenge you to consider this… what if your company has a larger purpose in the world, than your stated product or service?

What if your reason for existing as an organization is bigger than what you originally went into business for?

What if, in fact, the recent trend of “social impact”, & corporate social responsibility, is truly an awakening of business leaders & industries globally, that we are here/ that we exist for more than purely profit motive.

I believe we are.

It doesn't matter if you are a web startup, a real estate mogul, or a muffler shop.  As a business owner & leader, you have been given a unique opportunity & calling to influence; to make a positive change in some piece of the world. Maybe it's your community, your neighborhood; or maybe even the lives of your employees or customers.  My challenge to you is this… spend some time this month & define it. Write it down. Begin (or continue) to articulate what your company’s higher calling is. Because you HAVE one.

What is your Greater Good?

As you clarify that answer, I believe you will discover a few important benefits…

  • you will get out of bed earlier (ha)
  • you will have renewed energy for your work & business
  • you will recruit & attract better talent to your team (people that fit with your vision/ hope for the world).

That is my hope for you for the new year.  We all have a greater good that compels us & moves us forward. A legacy of positive change in the world.

What's yours? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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