Turn Your Child's Shoe Into An Adorable Keepsake Planter



    I love little shoes, especially the ones my children wore.

  They grow up so fast!

  Here’s an adorable idea to turn those shoes into a keepsake planter

  that you can enjoy and remember for years to come.

  Oh, the pitty pitty patter of the little bitty feet……  






   1. Your favorite shoe or boot 

   2. Rooting hormone       

   3. Plant cuttings

   4. Potting Soil

   5. Water                                                      





 1. Take plant cuttings from your favorite plant.

  I’m using Sedum from my garden.

  It roots well and it’s very forgiving in dryer conditions.

  Once they are rooted, I'll replant them in my garden,

  then root some more.




  2. Fill the boots up with soil.  Over the years,

  I have tried many different types of dirt.

  Some soils tend to dry out quickly, 

  water runs off of others.

  I have always had good result when I 

  use Miracle Grow.








 3. Take your cuttings and moisten the ends.                                                                            

 Then dip the ends into a rooting hormone,                                                                       

 tapping off excess powder.

 I'm using a brand called Garden Safe Take Root.

 You can find rooting hormone at your local garden center. 

 I found this brand at Lowes.







 4. Plant the cuttings by poking them into the shoe.  

 You can use a pencil to make a small hole

  in the dirt.  Firm the soil around the plant then                                                                

 water your new planter. I tend to keep the soil moist,

 but not drenched.







 This is a fun and simple project for you and your children to

  work on together. Memories will be created and shared. 

  I’m sure they would love to hear your favorite stories

  about who they were when they walked in those shoes!

  Have an amazing week and keep growing.






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