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Hey guys, it's Ron here and welcome back to our blog series that we started a few weeks ago on the seven ways that home-building is broken right now for homebuyers all over the United States in every market and how you as a Realtor can step into that space and begin to correct things, begin to add massive value and begin to grow your business and create a niche for yourself in new construction.  I'm so excited that you're here with us today. If you don't have time to read all the blogs, you can watch the videos on our YouTube channel or you can always go to new home niche where you can download a little e-book very fast, where we list out what the seven big problems are that buyers are experiencing in building a new home.

There are people that want to build. There are a lot of people that want to build and they don't because of the things they’ve experienced when they step into the process. They can't find what they need and they run the other direction. That's an opportunity for you.

So very quickly, let's review what they are because we're on number five now out of seven. The first one is they can’t find the neighborhoods.  In most markets all over the United States, about half or more of new home neighborhoods are not listed. They're not on the MLS. Therefore, if they don't know about it and you don't know about it as Realtors, the neighborhoods are out there, but they can't find their options.

Number two, buyers cannot find a majority of the builder options in any given market. Again, this is a problem for them. It's a massive opportunity for you. I've got a whole blog about that.

Number three, they can't find you. The interesting thing is that in spite of the fact that there are a million Realtors in every market across the United States, there's a  very small number who are knowledgeable and passionate and want to do new construction. I don't know why because everybody else is just fighting for scraps that are falling off the table. So there's this big opportunity that you can step into because buyers don't know how to find the Realtors who specialize in new construction.

Number four we talked about last week is what I call Realtor RNR. That's not rest and relaxation. That's the practice of a Realtor dropping off, registering a buyer with a builder and then retreating and disappearing until closing time. Not a good practice. And we've got a whole blog on that, so I won't go into it.

Today we're talking about number five, and this is also a very important one. Now it has a little bit less to do with you, but it's a big problem for the buyers. If you begin to help them solve this, you will win big. You become the hero with the buyer, with the builder, and with others. And number five is what I call “show me the money.”  The deal with "show me the money" is this. In every given market, although we all know a lot of mortgage loan officers, there are only really a few who specialize in and have the right products for new construction.

Part of the problem is most Realtors don't know which ones they are. They're not really clear on who's doing new construction and what those products are. I hope you're the difference, the differentiator, but if you're not, this is a great opportunity for you to step into that. It's not that difficult to do and it's going to pay you massive dividends. I'll get back to that in just one second.

There are really three problems around this that I've seen. Number one is, as I said, there's only a few and the Realtors don't know who they are. Now you might know a lot of mortgage loan officers, you know who the mortgage players are. But do you know which ones actually are able to do new construction loans and what their products are and who they serve? You know, credit scores and different situations that a loan officer can really help a homebuyer move into new construction. It's a big problem.

If the Realtors don't know and the buyers don't know, it's one of the things that cause the buyers to go the other direction because it just seems too difficult and too scary to build a house. So number one in that "show me the money" is, there are not many mortgage loan officers. You need to know who they are.

Here's another problem though. There are mortgage loan officers or mortgage companies that will do a new construction loan, although they really don't want to. Then they sell it to the secondary market. Right? That's probably not the experience that the buyers want because they want to be serviced by the company that they wrote the loan with. So you need to know who the players are, what they provide and which ones are going to service it in house for the life of the mortgage.

Number three, a problem within the "show me the money" problem is that a lot of the larger builders, the big production builders come in with their own mortgage company. In a lot of cases, they're trying to convince the buyer that they don't need a different one. They need to use theirs because that's in their best interest.

The interesting thing is, all of us need to always have the buyer as the first order of priority. Whether it's the builder, mortgage, or it's you, we're all fiduciaries to this consumer as they're undertaking the biggest, riskiest feeling project and purchase that they'll ever go through in their life. Many times they've never gone through it before. They may not go through it again, but they all have a dream home. And so we owe them a debt of responsibility and professionalism to really help them understand their options.

So those are three problems within the, "show me the money".  And once again this is a place where you can step into this and really go out and find who are the players in any given market, there's generally only a few. So it doesn't take real long. What you want to do is to build relationships with those lenders and understand the nature of the products and understand the differentiation between this one and this one, and this one and this one. In my opinion, what you should do as a Realtor is to know all the options and know which ones apply for this buyer, for that buyer, for that buyer or for the builders for that matter as well.

When you do this, you have separated yourself from everybody else because most Realtors just are not going the distance on this either. Here's a place where it’s a big problem for them and a big, big opportunity for you because when you become knowledgeable, on behalf of those buyers, on behalf of the builders, about what are the mortgage loan options, they will reward you with referrals. They'll reward you with giving you the credential of being the new home specialist in your local market. So know who the players are, know their differences and build real relationships with them because there's massive value in it, not just for the buyer but also for the builder and also for you.

So listen, if you have not heard me say this before and I hope you have, there is a big, big opportunity in new construction for Realtors in every single market.

And you know, since we started doing this blog series, I've had so many builders that are reaching out to me all over the country and messaging me on different social media platforms and saying, "man, this is spot on and we need to hear more of it.” So, don't miss it. When I say this is a golden opportunity for you, it really, truly is. So many Realtors are just trying to find their voice and they're drowning in the sea of sameness of a 1,000, 15,000 or 30,000 other Realtors and everybody's doing the same thing. This is a space where you can step into it and begin to learn it.

 Is it automatic? No, it's not. It's growing a business, but it's growing a business that's going to pay you dividends for a long time. That's going to separate you from everybody else. Your competition is going to begin to fall away and you're going to be one of just a few who have really taken a hold of it and it's going to change your career and it's going to change your life and it's going to change the life of a lot of other people who are looking for your fiduciary help, who are looking for your expertise. I'm not kidding guys. It really is an amazing opportunity.

But listen, last couple things here. When I discovered that this was going on in every other market across the United States, it was astounding to me that nobody's calling it out. So we're calling it out.

In fact, there are two things that I want to share with you in wrapping this up. One, I mentioned it earlier, if you want to download a free document on what the seven problems are, the seven big issues that buyers are having right now in new construction, you can find that at  I invite you to go download that. We also created a little course that goes through about eight hours of training videos. There are nine videos that show you how to start a new home niche practice in your market. It really goes through a lot of detail.

 I feel grateful because a lot of Realtors downloading this are saying, "Hey, this is really good. It's really helpful." That's what we want to do. We want to share with you what we've discovered. So number one, go to new Check out the download, check out the class, see if that's for you.

Number two, we have a web platform for home-building that's starting to grow all over the United States. It is very unique from anything else that's out there. And it involves you. It's called Hoodle.  I'm very proud of it. We've worked very hard on it and we're all creating it together because Realtors are jumping on board. They're getting wins off of it and very fast. Very quickly, you're able to create massive differentiation from everybody out there.

You're able to create a uniqueness for yourself and leverage the tools that we're building together, to step into new relationships with builders, land developers and new construction buyers where they see you as being the thought leader and you really are because you're bringing a new set of tools to the space and a new conversation about what's going on.

So listen, my name is Ron Williams, founder of Hoodle. I'm the guy that's bringing this series to you and would love to engage with you. If you want to cuss or discuss this, chime in, put your voice into it, give me a comment or reach out to me. If you're interested in getting involved with Hoodle, reach out to me and send me a message. We can hop on a call or we can message back and forth. I will answer whatever questions you need to know. I want you to have the very best opportunity that you can in your career and you deserve it. You've worked hard to get to where you are now, and if you want to move forward and you're looking to grow, new construction is an amazing space where you can do it.

Thank you so much for joining me on this blog, now number five. Next week I'll be back on with you to talk about problem number six and you don't want to miss it. It's a doozy. So thank you. God bless. Have a great evening.

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