When Autumn Whispers My Name


I gathered seeds in my garden today, carefully removing each one from the dried out pods encasing them. It’s hard to imagine something so small and withered holds so much hope and promise for next year.

Each seed teaches a lesson of things I did well and the mistakes that I made. Flowers too tall in front of flowers too small. Plants in full sun that would have thrived better in shade. Each different bush, a new experience and a gift of life.

My garden is a reminder that summer is coming to an end. It is overgrown with weeds and it has aged. But with growth comes knowledge and with age comes wisdom.

If I look closely, there is still life underneath the browning stems. Vegetation that still requires care, food, and water. I clear away the debris so I can enjoy the season that is now. My work is not finished. I am needed today. Fruits will be harvested and herbs cut to dry.

Fall brings shades of red, orange and maroon. Today is my now and it’s more precious than gold.

A new season, a new start, a promise of life ahead.

I’ll store my seeds in a safe place until next year. Each seed a memory of things I did wrong, a hope for tomorrow and a promise of the beauty they will bring next year.

But today, my mums are in full bloom. Today there is life that still needs my care. Today I can change so my tomorrow will be better. Today Autumn has whispered my name.


My thoughts for today…


Photo by Billi Jo Hart as Adventure Hart







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