How to Make Any Bedroom Luxurious


Are you dreaming of your next vacation getaway at a fancy hotel suite where you can lounge in the lap of luxury, surrounded by fancy furniture and delightful décor? Are you drooling over the latest interior design magazines and wishing that you too could indulge in a home renovation to give your modest looking bedroom a total makeover and have it dripping with all the a la mode trends?

I’m here to give you good news and tell you that you don’t need to break the bank in order to achieve the luxurious look that you’re wishing for. A little switch up here, a little tweak there, and you’ve worked magic in creating the bedroom of your dreams! Follow these tips to see how simple it can be.


Keep the floor bare


This is both, a tidying up tip, and an interior design tip. Clearing the floor will make things look clean and inviting. As a bonus, it will also add to the luxury factor. Keep boxes, wires, books, and all other unnecessary clutter off the floor. You can add tons of space to your room without actually adding square footage in this manner. This tip will cost you literally nothing but add great value to the overall look of your space.




Organize the space on top of your nightstand and vanity




Similar to visual clutter on the floor, clutter on top of furniture can diminish the visual appeal of your bedroom. Try putting away excess clutter in drawers and the closet. For items that are used frequently, and that you would rather keep within reach, choose chic boxes, or fancy trays. These will add beauty, and a place for you to put your everyday essentials such as lotions, creams, makeup, jewelry and other day-to-day items that you’d rather keep on display for ease of use. You can find scores of beautiful storage boxes at your local dollar store to help with this.







Make your throw pillows extra fluffy



You ever notice how the pillows in the interior design magazines look so plush, inviting, and luxurious? You too can achieve this look by overfilling your throw pillows to go from “meh” to majestic!





Change up the lighting fixtures



The standard light fixture attached to your ceiling might just be the ever-so-common “boob light”. Although functional, they do nothing to add beauty and pizzazz to your living space. Choose a statement hanging light fixture, or go all out with a dazzling chandelier with adjustable light intensity to add romance and luxury to any bedroom




Bring the outdoors in


This is a simple go-to tip that will make your room go from 2 stars to 5 stars! A little bit of green will not only help to clean the air but will also give your chamber a little something extra. You can choose from having a small potted lavender plant on your dresser, a large fern on the floor, or maybe just some fresh cut flowers in a vase if you have a garden outside. A dusty fake potted perennial is a hard no for adding luxury.




Re-think your lamp shades


Outdated, stained, faded and fraying lampshades aren’t doing your room any favors! These low-cost features in your room can add high impact to the overall look and feel of your room. It’s time to ditch the old lampshades and replace them with modern, eye-catching pieces. Don’t go too over-the-top though, keep the look clean and classy. You can opt for beautiful, metallic lampshades, or ones with a simple, yet elegant pattern. See how it flows with the rest of the room and go with what feels right.




Crown molding for the palace boudoir

If you didn’t have the luxury of having a custom home built, and you weren’t lucky enough to have it already before moving in, you can always have crown molding put in. It will immediately transform the entire look of your bedroom, and take it from commoner to straight up royal! When it comes to custom home builders, Toronto has a wide variety to choose from who could renovate and add this touch to your room. If you are a bit of a DIY-er, you can take the project upon yourself as well. Depending on your level of expertise, you can either get actual moldings that will need to be cut, painted and nailed in or just pick up some self-adhesive molding that is pretty hard to differentiate from the real deal with your feet on the ground.




Switch up the furniture

If your furniture has gotten really old, outdated, or has just been through a few kids, and needs updating, now is the time to switch it out for a new set! If that is not an option for you, you can always paint, stain, reupholster, or add in different knobs to refresh your existing furniture to give it the affluent looking touch.

Don’t let your budget hold you back from making your bedroom look and feel luxurious! Although, the bedroom is mainly for sleeping, having a space that appears pleasing to the eye will affect your mood and overall well-being. Every day can feel like a vacation when your bedroom is transformed into one that resembles a 5-star hotel suite!

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