Ron Williams

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What is Your Company's Greater Good?
Legacy, mission, passion, vision, higher calling, life purpose.  Whatever you call it, we’ve all got one.  It's often fuzzy & unclear. Some never seem to find it. Others have not begun looking for it yet, or even considered the question.  But whoever you are, whatever stage of life you are in…hopefully we agree on this one thing…
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Pardon Me, But Your Values Are Showing
Cindi and I had an interesting conversation this morning about core values… When we take the time as companies to actually define them, post them on the wall of the office, or have them engraved in granite within the lobby, at the end of the day, the question is...   Are we living them out day-to-day in the way that we operate:
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The Number One Reason Homebuilding Is Broken For Buyers
Did you know that for every one person that builds or buys a new construction home, there are five more who say they want to? One who builds, five that say they want to. That's pretty shocking and when we get down into the reasons why they all surround the fact that the buyer feels like it's a very risky experience for them. They can't find the right information, they don't understand the process, and they don't feel like it's user-friendly.
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Home Buyers Problem With Homebuilding - They Can't Find Builder Options
A small builder that only builds five or 10 houses a year deserves to be seen as well. The buyers want to know all their options in their local market on something as big as this. They absolutely want to know their options on neighborhoods, and builders, and more that I'm going to share with you in the next blog.
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Home Buyers Can't Find New Construction Realtors
Homebuyers cannot find Realtors who actually specialize in new construction. Go figure, right? I mean, wow, how hard can it be to find a Realtor? There are so many Realtors in the market, but when it comes to new construction, there's not that many. If you stay till the end of the blog, I'm going to tell you what our estimate is on how many we think there actually are and how you can begin to step into that role. Homebuyers can't find the Realtors.
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