Mike Hofmeister, MIRM, MCSP, CMO, CSP, NHCB

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Have You Been Frustrated When Trying to Buy a House Because You Continually Lose Out in Bidding Wars? What are Your Options?
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It’s a Townhouse. It’s a Villa. It’s a Condo?  It’s a . . . . . . . I’m Not Sure!
I am a St. Louis-based Realtor and was recently hired by a couple who were looking to buy their first new home in several years. They were looking for low-maintenance living (there is no such thing as “Maintenance-Free Living”). As we went through the discovery process we determined: where they wanted to live: how big a home they wanted; how many bedrooms and bathrooms; the limits of their budget; whether they want an existing home or a new construction home; etc. They did their homework and had all of the answers. They knew what they wanted. They said they had been driving around and found a townhouse they were interested in. However, knowing they wanted everything on one level I asked if they were sure they wanted a townhouse or villa? They said they wanted a townhouse. So I checked it out and it looked like a villa to me.
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