Marla Esser Cloos, the Green Home Coach

Green is Mainstream and Green Homes Can Be Too
What is Green and what does it mean for a home? Green has become a catch-all term for all kinds of things related to better lives for people through better actions. It embodies many different aspects, especially for homes and buildings. Environmentally conscious, sustainable, energy-efficient, water-efficient, resource-efficient, natural, toxin-free, and off-the-grid covers most aspects. No matter which of these, or all of these, means green to you, the outcome is a home that works better for the people who live thereby providing a safer, healthier, and more comfortable living experience.
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The Benefits of a Green Certified Home
Do you know what a Green Certified Home is and why it matters? Green Certified Homes have been through a rigorous process to ensure the home and its design, build, systems and finishes comply with an independent 3rd party certification program. This has many benefits, most importantly a home that is safer, healthier, and more comfortable for its people living there. Other benefits include maintainability, durability for the home to last longer, as well as the financial benefits of lower operation and maintenance costs and potential better re-sale. Whichever of these benefits is most important, each offers real advantages for the people living in the home and can help people find a home that works best for them.
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