Joan Davis

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Selling Your Home Twice-Disputing Low Home Appraisals
Your home is newly listed. You have worked hard to make it show-ready in a hot buyers’ market. Buyers and their agents are scheduling showings at a rapid pace and, as expected, multiple offers come in. With the help of your listing agent, you compare offers and select the most qualified buyer(s) with the highest price. Ready to go to the closing table, right? Not so fast! Well-represented buyers are going to do their own due diligence and request a property appraisal. Bottom line, your home needs to meet or beat the agreed-upon selling price of the property.
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Some Things To Consider About New Construction
As a buyer, what do you need to know about new construction? While there are many reasons for buying new construction, the popular responses are no one has ever lived in the home so buyers are not dealing with previous owners’ choices and issues; and, buyers have the opportunity to personalize aspects of the home from the beginning instead of going back and retrofitting, updating, or rehabbing. However great the benefits of new construction are, there are a lot of considerations! Where do you begin?
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