Rancho Cabrillo

Peoria, AZ
Price Range of Homes
From $454,000 to $550,000
Size of Homes
From 1,567 to 3,148 sq.ft.

Subdivision Bio

School Information

Lake Pleasant Elementary School  
Grades: PreK-8
Distance from community: 7.8 miles
NCES Report

Liberty High School
Grades: 9-12 
Distance from community: 8.5 miles
NCES Report

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Heather Smith
Neighborhood Expert
Broker / REALTOR® at Highgarden Real Estate

Let me help you! Being a licensed Agent since 2002 & selling 100+ New Construction Homes I'm sure you will be very happy with my level of service! :)

Heather Smith is a Realtor and local neighborhood expert that can answer any questions you have about the Rancho Cabrillo neighborhood.

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