Fairfield Homes Inc.

Lake Zurich, IL
Affordable Luxury
Price Range of Homes
From $600,000 to $1,000,000
Size of Homes
From 3,000 to 5,000 sq.ft.
Years in Business
31-40 years
Average Number of Homes Built Per Year
Average Project Time
6 months
Construction Specialty
  • Custom Homes

Builder Bio

Kevin Davis has over thirty years of extensive and varied experience, serving initially with regional custom homebuilders and then as Division President for large, national homebuilders like William Ryan Homes. Kevin’s past experience maximizing operational efficiencies and “buying smarter” has created significant advantages for Fairfield clients.   Today, his knowledge of all phases of the home building industry, from finance, concept and design, land and lot procurement, community development, product selection, purchasing, production and sales provide a tremendous resource for his clients both in unparalleled quality and savings. Kevin and his teams have built thousands of homes across the country. Today he continues his life’s work of building affordable custom homes that families love.   Scott Nielsen has been building homes in various capacities for over 25 years. Scott has experience serving custom homebuilders in all facets of construction (concrete, electrical, carpentry, flooring, painting, etc) but also has tremendous experience overseeing the purchasing, production and warranties for thousands of homes at national homebuilder, William Ryan Homes.   Scott’s passion resides in the Building Science and Energy Efficiency arenas and today, Scott and his crews have a personal mission to build homes that are both ecologically- and economically friendly. Truth be told, he has been building homes this way long before the push toward environmentally friendly homes arrived on the scene

Why Fairfield Homes Inc.?

Fairfield Homes was created to build affordably luxurious custom homes. Each home is designed to improve your lifestyle and positively impact the surrounding neighborhood. We build in established neighborhoods by responsibly preserving existing infrastructure, so each sidewalk, tree and park retains the character it has inherited over the years.   Revitalizing Houses   Typical houses can last fifty or more years. However, the components inside them may have shorter lives. Gas and sanitary lines last up to forty years and electrical wiring lasts just thirty. Millions of these obsolete, even dangerous houses are perfect candidates for creating custom homes that revitalize entire neighborhoods and communities.   Eco-Friendly   We build in established communities that have varied houses with beautiful shade trees lining every street. Established communities mean: Downtowns, city halls, shopping centers, clinics, police stations, fire stations, great schools and libraries.   Because we build in these areas, there are no costs associated with creating new infrastructure. Similarly farms and natural land are preserved from careless suburban sprawl, disconnected neighborhoods, and environmental degradation.   Thriving Neighborhoods   Fairfield strongly believes that recycling and replacing obsolete or dangerous houses with new, more ecologically friendly homes can help an already successful community become even more prosperous. Responsible home building preserves and enhances surrounding natural and cultural resources and stimulates local economies through energy savings, increased tax revenue and safer, smarter neighborhoods.   Family Values   Fairfield builds in specially selected areas. Easy access to city corridors reduces your commute and gives you more essential time with friends and family. And the monthly energy savings you’ll achieve in a Fairfield home can be reinvested in regular family activities or important long-term goals.

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