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Show off your portfolio to the right audience
Target the new construction and custom homebuyer audience with a profile page on Hoodle. Hoodle users are already in the market for a new home and are more likely to turn into customers.
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Access your Hoodle account anywhere
Create profiles, upload images, show works in progress all from any device. No more waiting until you get to the office to do marketing.
Tap into Hoodle's growing online community
The Power of Hoodle's platform doesn't stop at profile pages. Our vibrant online community lets you join in the conversation, share your expertise, build your presence and watch your sales leads grow.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Hoodle is the first online eco-system for home building.
We bring the resources around building a home to one place. We give builders, land developers, and suppliers a place to interact with their target buyer, and a place for buyers to find everything they need to build their home. From builders, to subdivisions, to floor plans and more...we've got it all.
Basic pages are free forever! Yep, that's right...FREE. However, Premium pages are $125 per month per page. You also have the option to add additional "marketing areas" to your profile to get exposure in multiple communities, cities, or even states! Hoodle also offers considerable discounts to NAHB members at checkout.
After your trial expires, you will have the option to continue with a basic profile for free, or upgrade your pages to premium with unlimited content, better search result placement, and tons more.
Absolutely! Many professionals use Hoodle as their online marketing hub. They have amazing profiles, and connections to all their social media hubs and website. We also provide premium users with a custom web address so buyers can access your page anywhere.
Unlimited! Every premium profile gets unlimited storage for all your content. Photos, video, documents, anything your heart desires.
Basic profiles give you a free page on Hoodle so you can be present in searches and have basic information available. Premium pages appear higher in search results and have tons more tools like photo, video, docs, calendars, contact information, and more.
Hoodle puts you in front of your local, target demographic of buyers. The audience on hoodle is composed of people looking to build a home very soon or in the near future. Hoodle gives you access to the type of customer you are looking to connect with. We also drive the traffic and promote our company via our social media channels; including Pinterest with over 21K followers!
  • market yourself to your local, target demographic of buyers...people who want to build!
  • market yourself in multiple local communities for better exposure
  • unlimited amounts of content
  • tools to help manage consumer expectations before you meet with them
  • a professional, and elegant web presence you can update anytime
  • additional exposure to the larger hoodle community via articles, education, and more
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I think Hoodle is a great marketing tool for builders. If they cannot see the value in this, it is because they do not understand what they are saying "no" to! As a small builder in Central Illinois, I can only go so far with Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Hoodle allows me to be able to reach an audience that I never thought possible! Hoodle allows a builder to do what he loves to do: be out on the job site building a great product for a client, while his virtual team at Hoodle is doing the marketing for him!
Angela Vliet, Vliet Builders
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