SmartHome is the Future of all Homes


What is it that strikes your mind when you hear the term SmartHome? A home with a lot of products and devices connected to the internet and automating things to add to the comfort and convenience of the inmates? Well, you are not wrong even if you are thinking about an abode depicted in sci-fi movies and fiction. Smart is a word that is today used for things that operate on their own and allow owners to make informed decisions with minimal interventions. The products, appliances, and services of a SmartHome are designed to help save time, money, and effort of the owners.


More and more buyers are today showing a preference for homes that are not just energy-efficient but also smart to perform simple and complex tasks on their own. These buyers are happy to pay a little extra to own such homes. For example, given an option, they would go for a home that turns lights on and off and keeps the temperatures according to their comfort levels. Such a home would have been inconceivable only a few years ago. But today, technology has paved a way for smart sensors and thermostats that are connected to the internet as well as an app that can be controlled by the homeowner through an app on their smartphones.


Today, there are more connected devices than the number of human beings around the world. Out of these devices, nearly half are the gadgets and appliances that are commonly used in households. It is this phenomenon that has given rise to the concept of smart homes. Some of the technologies that are already being used in smart homes are as follows.


Smart lighting

Smart lighting is a concept that detects the presence and absence of human beings inside a room and adjusts itself accordingly. Imagine a SmartHome where lights switch off and on sensing the presence of human beings or going dim or brightening depending upon the time of the day. In addition, smart lighting also allows the owner of the home to switch on air conditioning to have a pleasant temperature upon arrival in the home. Smart lighting helps in saving of electricity that reduces the energy bull of the owner.


Smart security cameras

You are aware of cameras that are installed at a strategic point inside and outside the home to keep an eye on the movement of human beings. Smart security cameras go a step ahead by allowing the owner of the home to monitor the security of the home as well as loved ones remotely on his phone or laptop as these security cameras are connected to the internet. These smart security cameras provide a lot of peace of mind to the owner when he is on vacation as he can not only monitor the security whenever he so desires but also gets notified whenever any suspicious activity is recorded by these cameras.


Smart locks

More and more homeowners are showing a preference for smart locks that are programmed to allow or deny access based upon chosen identifiers. These are digital and connected locks that cannot be opened by thieves as unauthorized people are denied access by them.


These are only a few examples of internet-connected devices that have already found their way into a smart home. There are companies like Samsung, Amazon, LG, Apple, and Microsoft that are making products that are Wi-Fi capable and connected to the internet. People are already using voice-controlled fans, smart TVs, air purifiers that are remote-controlled, and even electric cars that are automatically charged with solar panels installed on the roof of the home.


Even if you feel you don’t need a smart home because you can manually control all your devices, there are benefits of a smart home that goes beyond saving energy and adding comfort. In a smart home, you don’t need to bother about switching off all lights before moving out as it can detect your absence to switch the lights off. Such a home also means enhanced security through internet-connected security cameras.


If you are a builder or developer, it becomes easy for you to attract potential buyers by showing them savings using smart thermostats. As a landlord, there are many benefits of setting up SmartHome in your multifamily units. If Millennials are your target group of tenants, you can attract them in large numbers as they are tech-savvy and love the comfort and conveniences they can experience in a smart home.


Vivint are SmartHome specialists making lives of homeowners around the country simpler, more comfortable, and convenient. They have a wide range of home automation products that they customize according to the needs of the owner and professionally install and activate them.


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